Wednesday, April 4, 2007

oh my god an update!

a work in progress... still needs straps and a zipper, modeled by my lovely duct tape dress form

fingerless gloves from knitty.. my first real knitting project

a cross stitch present i made for dorian.. aww aren't i the best

pirate purse! arrrr

close up


this is the skirt i just finished today, still needs some work but it is presently wearable

i kind of effed up the back of it but it is fixable

fabric closeup!

i haven't decided if i really want to add the red tulle to the skirt and make it poofier, cuz its kinda nice the way it is.

my camera ran out of batteries before i could take a picture of my crossword blanket. it's fleece and supersoft, but i couldn't sew binding on it because my machine started having a seizure from the thickness. ah well.

next i will be learning the ropes of serging, hopefully, when i get a whole 5 or 6 days off!

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