Monday, April 9, 2007

etsy is the shit

i love etsy its just so damn awesome. it's so much better giving your money to people who slave over something in hopes of actually making money off something they love doing, rather than giving your money to a company who mass produces shit for very cheap and makes a giant profit off you.

anyway, i bought this:

and its fucking HOTTTT i love it. maybe someday i will start up an etsy shop but right now i'm not good enough to sell shit to the public!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

oh my god an update!

a work in progress... still needs straps and a zipper, modeled by my lovely duct tape dress form

fingerless gloves from knitty.. my first real knitting project

a cross stitch present i made for dorian.. aww aren't i the best

pirate purse! arrrr

close up


this is the skirt i just finished today, still needs some work but it is presently wearable

i kind of effed up the back of it but it is fixable

fabric closeup!

i haven't decided if i really want to add the red tulle to the skirt and make it poofier, cuz its kinda nice the way it is.

my camera ran out of batteries before i could take a picture of my crossword blanket. it's fleece and supersoft, but i couldn't sew binding on it because my machine started having a seizure from the thickness. ah well.

next i will be learning the ropes of serging, hopefully, when i get a whole 5 or 6 days off!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

my to do list & things i am in the process of making

i have thus far made some stuff since the last post but i haven't really had much time to take pictures and upload them. i am in the middle of making:

- a pirate purse. YARRR. it is making me angry though so i am taking a break from it
- the god damn dress i still have yet to finish
- a crossword blanket. i have to sew binding on it but the binding is being difficult and its all kinda too thick to go through my machine.
- green and black shirt recon
- shirt dress from thrift store boy shirt. i've just been using it to practice so far, and see how well my dress form is working, but i'm having problems with it.

i am going to make:

- tulip skirt with a built in petticoat. this is the next thing on my list after the pirate purse is done.
- i want to knit THESE http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring07/PATTbmp.html they are freakin hot. except i don't think i am going to make the hi score sock, just the space invaders. i just ordered some circular needles off ebay. woooo cheap needles. the yarn, however, is expensive (for me).
- aprons. hot hot 50's aprons. i really have no need for them right now but i really want some.
- perler bead coasters with old school mario shizz
- about a million other things

i went in anthropologie the other day and saw this really simple dress for $150. how sad. even i could make it. its nice being able to just walk in a store and know you aren't going to buy anything. i pretty much just go into places for ideas nowadays. i won't buy new stuff anymore. that doesn't necessarily mean i am saving money, though. my crafting habit is making me poor!

i think knitting is far more expensive than making clothes, though. its probably fortunate for me that i find so few knitting patterns that i like and would wear, like the fetching gloves i made (pictures coming soon!). for some reason i like to pick difficult things to knit, and the gloves are really the only thing i've ever made so far. so i am a beginning knitter tackling socks. i must be stupid.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

a new addition to my family

awww isn't she cute??

i sure think so. she will be arriving some time this week. i can't wait!!

i hope it doesn't make this one jealous

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

things i made so far

since this blog will primarily be about things i have made, i figure i should post the stuff i've done so far.

my first real project:

messenger bag for school:

made flared pants into non-flared pants:

tequila pillow!

vegas purse, not my best yet i still lug it around with me:

shirt! heart buttons!

that's all for the first round.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ooooh first post

how fantastic. now i have to put stuff on here so i will not look so stupid.